Amur Falcon — and 3 Naga villages

The Wildlife Trust of India is appealing to save millions of migratory birds from being brutally hunted, though a donation.

One such is the ‘Amur Falcon‘ that migrates each winter from Mongolia via Nagaland in India’s north-east to South Africa. It used to be traditionally hunted in the Doyong reservoir area by the local communities, who are skilled hunters, with spears.

Awareness drives by the Nagaland Forest Department, WTI, and other conservation agencies, succeeded in halting the drop of thousands of falcons from the sky and now three villages  in Doyang are helping protect these birds.WTI Amur flacon image-03

Besides launching awareness drives were launched, WTI says it provided community livelihood support, and the villages themselves joined in enforcing conservation rules and and mobilising patrolling squads.

The success story with the Amur falcon in Doyang notwithstanding, there are many such efforts needed to save migratory birds, says WTI.


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