Going batty over coffee

Bats prefer coffee plantations over tea. And that’s not just about a batty preference for a beverage.  The new research findings from India’s Western Ghats, led by Claire Wordley from the University of Leeds and published in the journal Biological Conservation, are a crucial indicator for habitat preferences, which could help in bat conservation strategies.

But what are bats needed in the first place? Bats are the best pest controllers in nature, controlling a large number of insect pests on our agriculture and horticulture produce, while simultaneously working as efficient pollinators and seed dispersers in natural systems,” said bat enthusiast and researcher Rahul Prabhukhanolkar, from the Indian Bat Conservation and Research Unit (BCRU) in Dharwad. They are also important ‘forest planters’, pollinating several plants such as silk cotton, durian and the tequila agave, and dispersing seeds across long distances in forests.

Read my full report in The Wire.in

There’s a press release from the University of Leeds too


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