Off the press/web : Science


Thousands across India march in support of science : Nature, 09 August 2017

Three_Nation Effort, Including India, to Beat Kala Azar Faced With New Challenge :  The Wire, 19 May 2017

India’s Neutrino Observatory delayed : Physics World, May 2017

India’s university chemistry facilities in need of overhaul : Chemistry World, 19 April 2017


India’s grand plan to create the world’s longest river set to go: New Scientist, 28 November, 2016

Openly Burning Garbage around Agra is Discolouring the Taj Mahal : The Wire, 09 October 2016

A cliff-hanger on India’s GM mustard: Will pro- or anti-GM views triumph in the case of India’s GM mustard? : New Scientist,  07 October, 2016

Is science only for the rich?  Nature, 21 September 2016

India Ignoring Its Rare Disorders and Their Orphan Drugs Led to the Thalassaemia Crisis :  The Wire, 22 September, 2016

All You Need to Know: the Sofosbuvir Patent Saga :  The Wire, 03 September, 2016

The Indo-Gangetic Basin is Getting Dirtier Faster Than it is Disappearing : The Wire, 02, September, 2016

Naturejobs Career Guide Asia-Pacific 2016 India :  Nature,  25 August 2016

Wide angle view of the Universe : Nature India, 11 Jul, 2016

India’s drought foretells of struggles as climate warms : New Scientist, 18 May, 2016

Museum of Natural History Fire a Chance to Secure Our National Treasures Better : 02 May, 2016

India’s Haphazard Quality Monitoring Strategies are Letting Water Pollution Get Worse : The Wire, 21 April, 2016

New Temperature Sensitive Polio Virus Strains Show Potential for Use in ‘Next-Gen’ Vaccines :  01 April, 2016

For Science, Centre Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is — But Not Much Elsewhere : The Wire, 1 March, 2016

India’s budget keeps dreams of genomics hub alive : Nature, 29 Feb, 2016

New Guidelines on Plagiarism Released as Research Misconduct Burgeons in India : The Wire, 27 Feb, 2016

Will India’s ‘Smart Cities’ Be Climate-Resilient? : The Wire, 05 Feb, 2016

We’re Still Building Safer Roads for cars, Not People : The Wire, 27, Jan 2016


India launches its first astronomy satellite : Nature, 28 Sept 2015

Indian ASTROSAT telescope set for global stardom : Nature, 22 Sept 2015

Inept Regulation Matches Speedy Clearances in India’s Coastal Zone Management : The Wire, 17 Sept, 2015

No Room for Complacency as Vaccine-Derived Viruses can Lead to Polio’s Return : The Wire, 04 Sept, 2015

Even Bats Need to Wake Up and Smell the Coffee : 02 Sept, 2015

Russian doll disease is a virus inside a parasite inside a fly : New Scientist, 10 August 2015

Meet the deadly snail whose venom could help the fight against diabetes :, 08 Aug 2015

Scientists attempt the ‘Designer’ in the difficult fight against dengue :, Jul 2015

India: The fight to become a science superpower : Nature, 15 May 2015

India-based Neutrino Observatory faces fresh hurdle : Physics World, March 2015

India’s PhD students on hunger strike over delayed pay rise : Nature, February 2015

Indian Neutrino Observatory set for construction : Physics World, January 2015

365 days; Nature’s 10 : Nature, December 2014

Educating India : Physics World, December 2014

Going Global: Physics World, December 2014

Multitalented giant clams keep coral reefs healthy : New Scientist, December 2014

Indian universities ordered to cut length of science courses : Nature, August 2014

Himalayan plants seek cooler climes : Nature, August 2014

India races through environmental approvals: Nature, July 2014

Developing Countries: The Outcome Paradox   : Nature Outlook, April 2014

Visit for more samples from SciDev.Net, Third Pole Net, India Climate Dialogue, Telegraph


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