Off the press: Climate Change, Himalayan waters


In India Climate Dialogue  and Third Pole Net


Global warming could turn Indian Ocean into an ‘ecological desert’ : India Climate Dialogue, 15 Feb, 2016

South Asia pollutants go global, can impact monsoon : India Climate Dialogue, 22 Jan, 2016


Ganga more polluted than ever, despite government’s action plans  : Third Pole Net, 28 Dec, 2015

New regional study to unravel winter smog over Himalayas : Third Pole Net,  08 Dec, 2015

Climate Change affecting health, but how : India Climate Dialogue, 17 Nov, 2015,

Across India, minimum temperatures rising far more than maximum : India Climate Dialogue, 06 Nov, 2015

Indian INDCs do not address soot emissions : India Climate Dialogue, 29 Oct, 2015

India should probe climate change-dengue link : India Climate Dialogue, 29 Sept 2015

Pollutants buried under glaciers surface to haunt India : India Climate Dialogue, 22 Sept 2015

India’s ignored drylands could be key to climate-resilient agriculture : India Climate Dialogue,  o4 Sept 2015

El Nino does hit the monsoon, but some links still missing : Third Pole Net, 27 Aug, 2015

Sweeping vegetation changes projected in Kashmir Himalayas due to global warming: India Climate Dialogue/ Third Pole Net, 31 Jul 2015

India takes baby steps towards HFC phase out : India Climate Dialogue, 09 Jul 2015

Virtual water trade: India loses, China gains water through food trade : Third Pole Net, 08 Jul 2015

Himalayas could be hit by more powerful quakes in coming decades, warn scientists : Third Pole Net, 30 Apr 2015

Study soot to understand melting rate of glaciers: Third Pole Net 27 Mar 2015

Forest loss in the tundra reduces South Asian monsoon rain harder than loss in the tropics : India Climate Dialogue, 25 Mar 2015

Water levels dip in India’s reservoirs : Third Pole Net, 19 Jan 2015

In Telegraph, Kolkata

Beware Assam : The Telegraph, Kolkata, July 2015


India Climate Dialogue, Third Pole Net

India to map thawing permafrost : India Climate Dialogue, 12 December 2014

Winter snow stops Karakorum glaciers melting: Third Pole Net, 20 Oct 2014

Early days, but fierce cyclones could be climate change pointer : India Climate Dialogue,  20 Oct 2014

Verdict on coal blocks can help India’s environment :India Climate Dialogue, 11 Oct 2014

Floods deepen India’s groundwater crisis : Third Pole Net, 23 Sept 2014

Climate smart villages show how to adapt and make money: India Climate Dialogue, 04 Sep 2014

India climate models contradict global ones : India Climate Dialogue, 02 Sept 2014

Swiss helping India monitor Himalayan glaciers : Third Pole net, 27 Aug 2014


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